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There are Two Ways to Appeal Your PCN…

Appeal by Email

Appeal by Writing to us

Appeals Department
Corporate Services (Parking Management).
P.O. Box 26

An appeal decision will be made within 14 days of receipt of the same or we will acknowledge receipt of your appeal within 14 days and write to you again with an appeal decision within 35 days of receiving it.

What to do if Your Appeal Has Been Rejected

If you have already appealed your PCN and had the appeal decision rejected, you may be able to appeal to Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA).

You will only be able to access the POPLA service after you have appealed to us directly.

You will have been given a ten digit code for use with the Parking on Private Land Appeals Service (POPLA) with our letter declining your appeal. You may be able to appeal to POPLA on the following grounds:

  • The vehicle was not improperly parked: e.g. that the vehicle was not parked where stated on the parking charge notice; that you believe you were still within the time you paid for parking, that your paid parking ticket was clearly displayed or that the conditions were not properly signed.
  • The parking charge exceeded the appropriate amount: e.g. that you are being asked to pay the wrong amount for the parking charge or that the charge has already been paid.
  • The vehicle was stolen: e.g. that the vehicle was improperly parked after being stolen. However, the fact that someone else was driving your vehicle, for example a family member, friend or colleague, is not in itself a valid ground for appeal. The fact that you told the driver that they could only use your vehicle on condition they did not get any parking charge notices is not valid grounds for appeal.
  • I am not liable for the parking charge: e.g. that you had sold the vehicle before, or bought it after, the alleged improper parking. However, the fact that you had paid to park the vehicle in the first place (even if, for example, the paid parking ticket was not clearly displayed) is not in itself valid grounds for appeal. You cannot appeal against the parking charge notice on the grounds of mitigating circumstances.

For more information on whether you can appeal through POPLA you can visit their website.

For related enquiries please see our FAQs.

Please note: CSPM has a duty of care to ensure that both frontline parking officers and office based staff are not at any time treated disrespectfully. The company will not tolerate abusive, intimidating or aggressive behaviour in any form. We operate a zero tolerance approach and will take legal action under the Public Order Act on every occasion. All calls are recorded for training and security purposes.