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With Four Key Principles, we’ve Built a Reputation we’re Proud of

There are four key principles that underpin everything we do at CSPM. The success of our business is built on these principles and they are deeply embedded in every aspect of our work. Using these principles we aim to maximise returns and minimise risks for our clients, our staff and industry partners and the wider community. 


  • Deliver an exceptional client experience.
  • Provide a committed, positive and high performing team.
  • Be positive stewards in our communities.
  • Provide a dedicated approach.
  • Provide a dedicated account manager.
  • Give rapid client support.


  • Create the future through positive change.
  • Embrace and invest in leading technologies.
  • Consistently improve capacity and capability.
  • Provide expert industry knowledge and advice.
  • Achieve positive outcomes and service transparency.


  • Strong asset management and performance targets.
  • Deliver sustainable financial return on investments.
  • Remove avoidable costs.
  • Improve business performance and efficiency.


  • Identify and minimise risks.
  • Deal with any health and safety issues immediately.
  • Create safe environments for clients, employees and visitors.
  • Be proactive in ensuring that safety is never compromised.

Our ambition is to be known as a team that out-delivers all of its competitors, and we are heading in the right direction.

“We take our reputation very seriously and also the part we play in our clients reputations. We have the experience and expertise to exceed all your expectations and fulfill your objectives.”


– Louise Jones, Operations Director.